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1774 – Quartering Act

The Quartering Act was scheduled to be modified every two years. In 1774 British parliament modified the act which was included in a package of five laws known as The purpose of these laws was to assert its power in the colony as reprisal for the Boston Tea Party protest.
By 1774 the political mood was highly charged and residents were initiating political gatherings and organizations such as the and its leaders, Samuel Adams and James Ottis, were advocating their political views.

The modified law allowed British commanders to choose where …

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1765 – Quartering Act

The first in the series of Quartering acts passed by the British parliament. Also known as the American Mutiny Act, The Quartering Act of 1765 was passed on May 3rd, 1765 and required colonial assemblies to provide housing, food and drink to British troops stationed in their towns with the purpose of improving living conditions and decreasing the cost to the crown. This act was implemented by General Tomas Gage, the commander in chief of North America. Soldiers were to be housed in barracks or empty public buildings and not …