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1733 – Molasses Act

This was one of the first decisions of British Parliament that gave a real boost to organizers smuggling in New England colonies. Simultaneously it promoted corruption among customs officials. To crack down colonial trade with countries other than Britain, especially France, the government created a new on foreign molasses.
The Molasses Act of 1733 was enacted by the British Parliament on the 13 colonies of America with the purpose of protecting its sugar plantations in the West Indies. This act was not designed to raise revenue but it was part of …

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Molasses Act – Summary

The British law that imposed tax on molasses, sugar and rum imported to American colonies from non-British foreign colonies. The objective was to protect the position of British suppliers in American market against cheaper Spanish and French goods. The act not only increased the price of sugar and rum in the colonies, but also curtailed American trade with French colonies that were also buyers of American goods such as lumber and farm products. The tax was very severe but also poorly enforced and lead to wide-spread evasion, bribery and smuggling allowing some colonial …