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“No Taxation Without Representation”

There were twelve years between the signing of the Treaty of Paris on February 1763 and the ride of Paul Revere on April 1775. Tension and anger between colonists and the empire increasingly rose to the point of no return. During the short period of 1762-1770 the causing disruption in its colonial policy. Furthermore, it found itself fighting wars in Europe, West Indies and Asia which drastically increased the cost of servicing its national debt. At the top of its agenda was the lightening of the burden on British …

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1774 – Quartering Act

The Quartering Act was scheduled to be modified every two years. In 1774 British parliament modified the act which was included in a package of five laws known as The purpose of these laws was to assert its power in the colony as reprisal for the Boston Tea Party protest.
By 1774 the political mood was highly charged and residents were initiating political gatherings and organizations such as the and its leaders, Samuel Adams and James Ottis, were advocating their political views.
The modified law allowed British commanders to choose where …

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Original text of the Quartering Act of 1774.
June 2, 1774
An act for the better providing suitable quarters for officers and soldiers in his Majesty’s service in North America.
WHEREAS doubts have been entertained, whether troops can be quartered otherwise than in barracks, in case barracks have been provided sufficient for the quartering of all officers and soldiers within any town, township, city, district, or place, within his Majesty’s dominions in North America: And whereas it may frequently happen, from the situation of such barracks, that, if troops should be quartered therein, …

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1774 – Intolerable (Coercive) Acts

The Intolerable Acts also known as Coercive Acts were a package of five laws implemented by the British government with the purpose of restoring authority in its colonies. The first four Acts were passed as reprisal for the rebellion against the that led to the Boston Tea Party Protest.

The Intolerable Acts were a reprisal to the Boston Tea party rebellion.
The first act was The Boston Port Act which came into effect on March 31, 1774; it closed the port of Boston until the East India Tea company was repaid …