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1764 – Sugar Act

Definition of Sugar Act
The American Revenue Act of 1764, so called Sugar Act, was a law that attempted to curb the smuggling of sugar and molasses in the colonies by reducing the previous tax rate and enforcing the collection of duties. It added several products such as hides, skins and potash to the list of enumerated commodities that could be legally exported under the . It was introduced by the new British Prime Minister, George Grenville. The 1764 Sugar Act amended the existing
Purpose of the Sugar Act
The goal of this …

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1651 — Navigation Acts

By the early 1620s as Britain was coming out of severe recession, merchants and politicians started discussing trade policy. They came to the conclusion that in order to be a healthy nation their exports should exceed their imports and the balance should be invested in military strength. Their fiercest and strongest competitor was the Dutch who dominated the navigation trade. In 1650 parliament passed an ordinance forbidding any foreign ships in British colonies.

Colonial Trade in the 1660s.
The following year parliament, under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell, passed the first of …