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Boston Massacre Reenactment Video

It is March 5th, 1770 and tensions are boiling over between the people of Boston and the 2000 British troops that have been occupying the city since 1768. Nobody likes an occupying army and the soldiers were poorly paid and were competing for jobs with poorly paid Bostonians. The night of march 5th several hundred people gathered in front of Fenueil Hall. Angry people looking for trouble.  Private Hugh White was standing on sentry duty and  a group of young men came and harassed him.   He calls for the main guard and Captain Preston brings some soldiers form the barracks. The crowd knows the soldiers cannot shoot until they are read the Riot Act. They have about one hour to disperse until they shoot. Five people in the mob, including one free black, Crispus Attucks, are killed by the soldiers’ fire. Paul Revere publishes an engraving that portraits the event as a cold blooded killing in order to gain the public sentiment for the revolutionary cause.

This video is the  reenactment of the Boston Massacre event by the History Channel.



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